What Makes An Antique Valuable

What Makes New Or Antique Furniture Valuable?

Quality is an extremely important element in the value of an new furnishing, antique or collectible. Quality may be seen as a level of excellence, excellence in the concept of the piece, excellence in the design and excellence in the execution. A well-built furnishing, for example, will advertise its quality by its stability and function. The doors will open easily and the drawers will operate smoothly. The finish is clean, the color is good, the joinery is well done, the choice of materials is solid and the scale is correct.

Quality means attention to detail in the original production of the item, in fine art and museum quality antique furniture entirely hand made is the preferred product. Quality implies a caring on the part of the producer or builder and carries a pride that shows in the finished product usually signed. No matter the final definition, most of us know quality when we see it. Or at least we think we do, like the satisfying, solid sounding thump of a door closing on a Rolls Royce or Ferrari.

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