Wagon Wheel Chandelier with Rifle Western Theme - LC720

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Genuine Wagon Wheel Chandelier

Winchester Rifle & Miner Lantern Lighting
Celebrating The California Gold Rush & The Wild West

This wagon wheel chandelier is representative of the California Gold Rush and the Western expansion. When James W. Marshall discovered a gold nugget while constructing a sawmill in 1848, he didn't realize he would be starting the huge influx of people to California that would help propel it to statehood only two years after the United States acquired the territory. While local migration into California started in late 1848, the migration really ramped up in 1849. People traveled from all over the world and from all over the United States to get to California for their chance at riches. People had two choices for the trip: take a ship from the East Coast all the way around the southern tip of South America or travel over land. The over land route combined a variety of transportation methods but the route ended with taking the California Trail by wagon.

With this huge influx of people, most coming to try their hand at mining to make their fortune, the miners soon earned their nickname "Forty-Niners", referring to the year. The miners' lanterns made their appearance and became popular in mining towns throughout California. Mining towns popped up everywhere across the territory and the law in these rapidly growing towns was sparse. Claim disputes were often settled violently on-site, not in a court of law. Guns were a popular method of settling disputes and protecting claims.

In later years, after the Civil War, guns would continue to be a method of settling disputes throughout the Wild West and the Winchester Rifle would become a favorite. The Winchester would also be a favorite for those traveling west by wagon for protection. This chandelier ties travel and tools used during the Gold Rush and the days of the Wild West together. The mining lamps shown on our custom wagon wheel chandelier are hand forged by our master blacksmiths and have a patina finish that will last a lifetime. The replica Winchester rifles have been aged to match the authentic wagon wheel base. This chandelier, like all our lighting at Scottsdale Art Factory, is wired and ready to hang in your home. Celebrate some California history by getting your own wagon wheel chandelier.

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