Vintage Kool Raleigh Cigarettes Door Push Sign - VS143

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Old Cigarette Signs

A rare original cigarettes screen door push sign for Kool and Raleigh brand tobacco products from the mid 1900s. This collectible tobacco sign reads "Factory Fresh Cigarettes" in white on a red background along the center, on the left it reads "KOOL For That Clean Kool Taste!" in green and on the right it reads "Raleigh Gives You Premiums" in blue both on a white background. The lower left corner reads "Litho by JV Reed & Co, Louisville, KY USA" in green, and the lower right corners reads "Reg. No. 1832" in blue. The 30-inch x 1 1/2-inch sign is available from Scottsdale Art Factory. All old signs are genuine authentic memorabilia in original condition.

Condition - as is, see photos - not restored, and not a reproduction
Dimensions - 1 1/2" T x 30" W

Antique sign for Brown and Williamson an American tobacco company and subsidiary of the giant British American Tobacco company. Brown & Williamson was founded in Winston-Salem, North Carolina by George T. Brown and his brother-in-law Robert Lynn Williamson in February 1894. They sold the company to British American Tobacco company in 1927 moving headquarters to Louisville, Kentucky. In 2004 the Brown and Williamson operation merged with R.J. Reynolds to create the parent company of Reynolds American, the second largest tobacco manufacturer in the United States. The Kool cigarette brand was created as a menthol in 1933 by R.J. Reynolds and marketed towards the "sophisticated man." The Raleigh cigarette brand, originally the Sir Walter Raleigh smoking tobacco, was purchased by the Brown and Williamson company during the acquisition of the J.G. Flynt Tobacco Company in 1925.

This vintage tobacco sign was manufactured by JV Reed & Company, Louisville, Kentucky. J.V. Reed & Co. was founded in 1875 by Joseph V. Reed of Indiana as a printing company in Louisville, Kentucky. Originally named Perkins & Reed by 1878 the business was relocated to downtown Louisville and renamed JV Reed & Co. The company owned one of the first imported metal lithography presses in the United States. By 1927 it was the world’s largest manufacturer of chewing tobacco metal tags.

Old Cigarettes Door Push Sign Specifications:

  • Type - Single sided tin litho
  • Company - Brown & Williamson
  • Product - Kool and Raleigh Cigarettes
  • Era - Mid-1900s
  • Color - Red, white, green, and blue
  • Dimensions - 1 1/2" Tall x 30" Wide
  • Condition - Original, as-is, see photos for details

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