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We cut directly from the forest and natural desert air cure our timber for many years. This enables us to offer tables any size without scarf joints. Using only full length timber for our table tops any thickness without glued up laminates. Thus creating the best in the world solid wood handcrafted American made dining tables using age old tried and tested master craftsmanship. Such as mortise and tenon peg and dowel construction to build tables that will last forever.

Our Tuscan Aristocrat Custom Dining Table will bring a warmth to your home and provide a relaxing place to dine with family and friends. Tuscan style incorporates real materials, natural shades, and a simple elegance characteristic of the Italian countryside. Our solid wood dining table is sourced from timber collected from tall, old growth trees and finished in a way that preserves the look of natural grain and the charm of real wood furniture.

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In Italy during the 16th and 17th centuries, long dining room tables became an important aspect of aristocratic households as they were a place to mend broken bonds through a shared meal and discuss family fortunes. Several families were recognized as Italian Nobility through bloodlines and many held land within the different kingdoms and states that made up Italy during that time. Though they were part of a higher class, their tastes remained focused on simplicity and the enchanting look of finely crafted, solid wood furniture. Tuscany has long been known as a place that appreciates what the land provides.

When you purchase one of our Tuscan Aristocrat Custom Dining Tables, you’re bringing the rich design history of Italy into your own home. We honor the master craftsmen of the past by using old world techniques in today’s age. Our quality wood is air dried for years on our own lots and then hand crafted into custom furniture using only mortise and tenon joinery. Your solid wood dining table is also sanded by hand and finished in a way that will prevent chips and scratches - you can enjoy your custom wood dining table for generations to come!

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