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Native America Spear Floor Lamp

Genuine Hand forged from solid iron, the details of the tree have been meticulously crafted by our master blacksmiths . The wrought iron spear is permanently attached to the sandstone base, creating a piece of fine, free-standing American fine art. The shade is hand crafted with genuine hand stretched and stitched rawhide, which has a translucent property to give the light a soft, pleasing glow. The tree has been finished with a unique patina process, where oxides are hand applied to the iron and then cured at over 1000 degrees to become a permanent part of the metal. This patina will never fade, chip or crack and actually beautifies with age. All set in a natural, sandstone base. Order your iron floor lamps from Scottsdale Art Factory in any size and style.

Order Any Size Or Style - We Can Help You To Design Your Dream Lighting (At No Extra Cost)

Built the old fashioned way
"when everything made in America was built to last forever"
and craftsmen were proud to sign their work.

Iron Lamps Design Options:

  • Size - custom size, shape, number of lights
  • Style - iron, design, shape, decorative accents
  • Finishes - variety of hand applied patina finishes
  • Metal - iron, brass, copper, or precious metals available in all styles
  • Shade - rawhide diffuser, decorative, frosted, or clear glass
  • Learn more about our custom lighting

Custom Light Fixtures feature:

  • American handmade lighting, sconces, chandeliers
  • Solid hand forged wrought iron - no hollow iron or fake castings
  • Hand applied heat cured patina finish
  • Built in the original craft - not reproduction
  • Order any size or style light fixtures, sconce or chandelier custom designed for your home or office
  • Available in clear, frosted and decorative glass or rawhide light shades
  • All custom light fixtures are guaranteed forever - backed by over a century of fine craftsmanship

Floor and Table Lamps, Chandeliers, and Custom Light Fixtures by Scottsdale Art Factory

Scottsdale Art Factory, an American manufacturer of handmade custom lighting, doors, gates, and furniture based in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Designs by H.J. Nick, have been designing and building some of the world's finest furnishings for builders, interior designers, and home owners, all hand crafted in America since 1913. Most of our clients want a furnishing that has a big WOW factor and timeless elegance. They all want investment value furnishings that makes a proper statement reflecting their personality, or the personality of the environment for which the designer custom furnishings are intended. Call us to discuss your designer lighting ideas 1-800-292-0008.

Historical Origin And Design Inspiration

Any member of various Native American tribes that formerly inhabited the Great Plains of the U.S. and southern Canada. Plains Indians are popularly regarded as the typical American Indians. They were essentially big-game hunters, the buffalo being a primary source of food and equally important as a source of materials for clothing, shelter, and tools. Until supplanted by the white settlers from the 16th century onward, the Plains Indians occupied the area between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains, which includes portions of both the United States and Canada. It is a vast grassland stretching from northern Alberta and Saskatchewan in Canada to the Rio Grande border of Texas

Although the Indians hunted other animals, such as elk or antelope, bison was the primary game food source. Before horses were introduced, hunting was a more complicated process. The Native Americans would surround the bison, and then try to herd them off cliffs or into places where they could be more easily killed. A commonly used technique was the Piskin method. The tribesmen would build a corral and have people herd the buffalo into it to confine them in a space where they could be killed. The Indians constructed a v-shaped funnel, about a mile long, made of fallen trees, rocks, etc. Sometimes buffalo could be lured into a trap by one of the tribe covering himself with a buffalo skin and imitating the call of the animals.

Prior to their adoption of guns, the Plains Indians hunted with spears, bows and arrows, and various forms of clubs. When horses, brought by the Spanish to America, escaped and started breeding in the wild, the Indians quickly learned how to capture and train them. Their ability to ride horses made hunting (and warfare) much easier. With horses, the Indians had the means and speed to stampede or overtake the bison. The Indians reduced the length of their bows to three feet to accommodate their use on horseback.


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