Signal Ethyl Gasoline Sign - SEG542

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Signal Gasoline Ethyl Sign Advertising Collectable

Classic Sign - Rare, investment quality, certified Americana for sale

Genuine original Signal Gas sign for gas pump belly plate. The Signal Ethyl sign is an original - not reproduction - porcelain advertisement sign dating to the 1920s. The 12" diameter sign is in good condition - not restored. This vintage advertising memorabilia is on a black background, with a red ring, yellow Signal Gasoline text, Ethyl text in white with red shadowing, and Ethyl triangle on the bottom of twelve-inch round, porcelain sign. This is an original Signal gas station sign in good condition, not restored and not a reproduction. Own a piece of classic Americana perfect for any collector. Dimensions: 12" diameter

Antique Gas Pump Sign Specifications
Model: Signal Gasoline
Size: 12" diameter
Date: 1920s
Color: Black, yellow, red and white
Type: Porcelain sign advertisement

Genuine American Vintage Collectable (not restored)

We guarantee this vintage sign to be correct as described and in the same condition as it was found.We do not restore or manufacture classic or antique artifacts. We certify correctness and grade, backed by our 100 year reputation. Learn more about our genuine vintage memorabilia guarantee.

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About Signal Gasoline Company

The Signal Gasoline company was founded by oil tycoon Samuel B. Mosher in 1922. In 1928, when business expanded, the company was renamed Signal Gas & Oil. Signal was the largest independent oil company on the West Coast by the 1950s. The Los Angeles based oil producer and refinery entered the retail gas market in 1932 under the Signal brand. They were partnered with Standard of California since the early years. In 1958 when Signal merged with Hancock Oil, they rebranded the stations under the Handcock name. Standard Chevron continued the Signal brand until 1965, when they change marketing to Humble Oil and rebranded Signal into Enco. Handcock was discontinued when Signal markets were sold off in 1970. Ethyl was an anti-knock agent added as an inexpensive octane booster to gasloine in the 1920s until the mid-1970s.


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