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Antique Ship's Wheel Lighting Chandelier

Repurposing genuine antiques from American history has always been one of the missions Scottsdale Art Factory. Incorporating antiques from the history of America and incorporating age old tried and tested master craftsman techqueics from the same historical era. This is one example of an museum collectable of a great lakes wooden ship's wheel from the 1820's.

The Great Lakes, a collection of five freshwater lakes located in North America, have been sailed upon since at least the 17th century, and thousands of ships have been sunk while traversing them. Many of these ships were never found, so the exact number of shipwrecks in the Lakes is unknown.

USS Constellation Vs Insurgente

The Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum approximates 6,000 ships and 30,000 lives lost, while historian and mariner Mark Thompson has estimated that the total number of wrecks is likely more than 25,000. In the period between 1816, when the Invincible was lost, to the sinking of the Fitzgerald in 1975, the Whitefish Point area alone has claimed at least 240 ships. We believe that without this rich history and the preservation of such items, America would not stand for what it does today. And without these hard working ship builders, captains, and ship workers providing the main shipping of the day, the American economy would not be the greatest economy in the world.

Owning a piece of this true Americana pays tribute to all the men and women that came before us to make our lives possible. Also, owning a piece of real American history not only provides a great conversation piece and perfect lighting for your home, it is also an appreciating asset that will become worth more in time monetarily and priceless as a family heirloom.

This large antique ships wheel wheel chandelier is the real thing - and is accompanied with genuine antique nautical parts from the 18th Century. The genuine antique ships wheel lanterns have been black smithed by our master craftsman in the original craft and are era correct to the antique ships wheel chandelier. The ropes are new and aged for the proper look keeping safety first in mind. The pulleys are also the real thing and are selected for the correctness to the antique ships wheel.

All electric is UL Certified. Lanterns, hooks, decretive mounting ceiling cap, are all hand forged by age old blacksmithing techniques How its Made - Master Blacksmithing - Solid hand forged wrought iron (no castings or hollow faux metals). Built The Old Fashioned Way "When Everything Made In America Was Built To Last Forever" and Craftsmen Were Proud To Sign Their Work - All heat applied iron oxide hand patina finished (no powder coating or faux paint on iron finishes). All raw materials are the best in the world. We never import low quality materials. Order Any Size or Style - All American made and Guaranteed Forever - backed by our over a century of fine craftsmanship since 1913. Order your custom chandelier in any size and style.

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Built the old fashioned way
"when everything made in America was built to last forever"
and craftsmen were proud to sign their work.

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Custom Light Fixtures & Chandeliers feature:

  • American hand made chandeliers
  • Solid, hand forged, wrought iron (no hollow faux metal, no fake castings)
  • Built in the original craft - not reproduction
  • Hand applied patina finish on all custom iron lights
  • Available in any iron patina finishes
  • Order any size or style chandelier custom designed for your residential or commercial space
  • Available in clear, frosted, and decorative glass accents
  • All hand made custom lighting and chandeliers are Guaranteed Forever - backed by over a century of fine craftsmanship since 1913
Interesting History
USS Constellation Vs Insurgente

Wooden ships have more than one "length". The most used measures in length for registering a ship are the "length of the topmost deck", the length on deck (LOD) measured from the leading edge of the stem post to the trailing edge of the stern post on deck level, or the "length between perpendiculars" (LPP, LBP), measured from the leading edge of the stem post to the trailing edge of the stern post in the construction waterline (CWL). In this method of measuring, bowsprit, including the jibboom and the out-board part of the spanker boom if any, have no effect on the ship's length. The largest length for comparing ships, the total overall length (LOA) based on sparred length, should be given if known.

The longest wooden ship ever built, the six-masted New England gaff schooner Wyoming, had a total length of 137 metres (449 ft) (measured from the tip of the jib boom (30 metres) to the tip of the spanker boom (27 metres)) and a length on deck of 107 m (351 ft). The 30 m (98 ft) difference is due to her extremely long jib boom of 30 m (98 ft), its out-board length being 27 m (89 ft).

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