Round Portal Windows- 16th Cen Saint Helier, Jersey WIN1297

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Historical Origin And Design Inspiration

Elizabeth Castle is a castle in Saint Helier, Jersey.Construction was started in the 16th century when the power of cannons meant that the existing stronghold at Mont Orgueil was insufficient to defend the Island and the port of St. Helier was vulnerable to attack by ships armed with cannon. The tidal island called L'Islet lying in St. Aubin's Bay became the site of the Abbey (later Priory) of Saint Helier. The monastic buildings were finally taken over by the Crown at the Reformation. Surviving buildings were used for military purposes.

Construction of the castle began in 1594, and continued in the first years of the 17th century under the then governor of Jersey, Sir Walter Raleigh, who named it "Fort Isabella Bellissima" (the most beautiful Elizabeth) after Queen Elizabeth the First. Governors of Jersey moved their official residence from Mont Orgueil to Elizabeth Castle. Elizabeth Castle was first used in a military context during the English Civil War in the 17th century.

Charles II visited the castle in 1646 and 1649, staying in the Governor's House,and was proclaimed King by governor Sir George Carteret despite the abolition of the monarchy in England. In 1651, Parliamentary forces landed in Jersey and bombarded the castle with mortars. The destruction of the mediaeval Abbey church in the heart of the castle complex which had been used as the storehouse for ammunition and provisions forced Carteret to surrender, and Jersey was held by Parliamentarians for nine years.

Production Information As Shown

You May Order: Window Frame Only - Or Frame With Sill Built To Accept Functional Production Windows- A Complete Glazed Window System - Straight Top - Eyebrow Arch Top - Full Arch Top - Cathedral Stained Glass and Art Glass Windows - Any Size And Style.

As Shown: 60" Round Frame Portal Structural Functioning Window Whitewash Stain , Outdoor Oil (both sides) - 5 coat finish - Solid, Northern White Cedar - Medium Distress - Features: Round, cedar frame window - 3/4" thick, thermal UV rated glass panes - 3" thick, frame - 10" deep structural frame. Solid, exotic cedar, hand hewn, doweled, and tenon joined with a solid timber. These window jambs are ideal for Stone Castles Log homes or post and beam construction and allow logs or beams to shrink while staying straight and plumb. You may order jambs any depth to accommodate your log size. They are also ideal for conventional wood frame homes and masonry construction as well. When ordering the price includes all design drawings for your approval and your choice of finish.

When You Order Your Window The Weather Package Is Included: Every window is fitted with high density weather seals. These weather seals ensure the best protection from the elements. Also window glass is installed and fitted with stops and sealed for long term comfort as well as energy conservation.

Clear Or Decorative Glass Is Available: 3/4" up to 1" Thick Thermal Insulated And Tempered Clear Glass Panels Or Non Insulated 1/4" Safety Plate. All glass panels are also available argon gas filled, low E, or laminated for hurricane codes. Please note that at altitudes of 4500 feet or higher that breathing tubes are required and to specify your altitude to your representative. We offer all types and thickness of glass and decorative glass samples are available.

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