Porte-Cochere Craftsman Lantern Lighting - CRFT9080

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Beautiful Architectural Custom Lighting

This custom outdoor lighting is clean, modern and simple. Hand crafted by our master blacksmiths, this chic custom home lighting has a classic look that will appeal to any taste. You can take pride in knowing this lighting is American custom made just for you! This custom wrought iron lighting is hand crafted by our master blacksmiths using old world techniques, meaning we use coal fired kilns, anvil hammers and hand forged methods. We never use hollow metals or casted copies. You can chose any from any style, design or choose from our patina finishes, that are applied at over 1000 degrees creating a finish that will never erode. This beautiful custom home lighting will accent any Porte-Conchere or outside porch.

The Porte Cochere
The Porte Cochere at The Mount Washington Hotel, ca. 1910

Porte-Chochere Custom Decorative Lighting

A Porte Chonchere is an extended covering protruding from the front of the home or the side of that home or building that allows for a secondary entrance for occupants to pass with protection from the weather. The showcased design here is in the style of Greene and Greene design. Greene and Greene style is a design that is infused with elements of Japanese imperial buildings and temples. The Greene and Greene style if recognized by its square pendant shape, Windows on all sides and being made out of metal.

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