Pendant Island Three Light, Ski Light - SLC200

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With our Ski-themed pendant light, evoke feelings of the powdery snow under your skis and the rush of wind as you soar down the slopes.

Lighting That Captures What You Love

A true skier knows from the moment he or she steps into a pair of boots if skiing will be a lifelong passion. Once used for transportation, skiing has become a beloved recreational sport around the world. Whether you hit the slopes every chance you get or enjoy the occasional family ski vacation, you can pay homage to a tradition that spans thousands of years.

A Pendant Light to Celebrate an Amazing Recreation and Sport

The oldest record of skis dates back to 5000 BCE when tribes in China, Russia, and Norway used them for transportation. There are also instances of skis in Norse mythology used for hunting and warfare. The god Ullr was mainly depicted wearing skis and carrying a bow, indicating the importance of using skis for survival in cold climates. Later on in the 1800s, a new sport of racing down the slopes was born, and the first competition was held in Norway in 1843.

Our Pendant Island Ski Light is crafted to show an original ski set used in the 1800s. The boot straps are made from genuine leather that is hand treated to prevent cracking, and blue glass provides a stunning compliment to the hand forged wrought iron.

You can display this dazzling three light fixture in a den, kitchen, foyer, or anywhere you want to showcase your passion. A Pendant Ski Light is a unique addition to any home and built to last a lifetime.

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