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Own a Genuine Rare Oilzum Antique Porcelain Flange Sign, circa 1930

Dimensions: 17" x 15”

An Antique Porcelain Sign for your prized collection - Oilzum is known as one of the oldest manufacturers of automotive oils and lubricants. Their famous slogan was: "If motors could speak we wouldn't need to advertise." Our Vintage Porcelain Flange Sign from Oilzum is in pristine condition - a real collector’s dream!

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Started in 1905 by White and Bagley, Oilzum became the most recognized motor oil brand in the United States. Porcelain signs are already rare pieces of Americana because many were salvaged for scrap metal during World War II, and Oilzum porcelain signs are particularly prized finds for petroliana collectors and car enthusiasts. Each Oilzum sign is bold and creative - capturing an enterprising era in America’s rich history.

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