Natural Antler Table Lamp Fine Art - LF635

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Natural Raw Hide Shade And Natural Deer Antler Table Lamp

If you want a rustic antler accent piece for your home or cabin but are worried about how the antlers are sourced, you can come to Scottsdale Art Factory secure in the knowledge that we source our antlers in a cruelty-free way. Our master craftsmen only use naturally shed antlers and carefully sort them by quality, color, and gloss to create an heirloom quality piece made from matching antlers. This table lamp shows the care and quality that goes into each and every piece we create. After the antlers are matched, they are carefully wired internally to UL standards creating a safe and aesthetically pleasing lamp base. A solid iron mounting cap keeps the light source stable and a hand stitched rawhide shade creates a warm glow to light your room. An antler lamp like this one shows your love for the outdoors and gives any room a comforting and rustic glow. Call us at 800-292-0008 and speak to one of our designers today to order your own cruelty-free antler lamps.

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