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Enjoy a Meal at Your Dining Table the Way You Should - As the Lord or Lady of the House

Whatever the style of your decor, our Manor House Dining Chairs are a perfect fit. Bring the beauty of simple, natural design to your dining room or kitchen.

Solid Wood Dining Chairs with 16th Century Style

Elegant, raised grain cedar cypress captures the old world feel of the 16th century when manor houses ruled feudal Britain. A manor house was owned by a lord who divided territory among his populace. Some residents worked for the lord in exchange for a place to live, and others, peasants, paid rent. Manor houses ranged in size, but all were big enough to house many people and were decorated in a way befitting a lord and lady.

Dining Room Chairs - Custom Made

We designed these cedar cypress dining chairs with simplicity in mind. A lord of medieval Europe might prefer his furnishings natural and in good taste, so we preserved the wood to maintain the texture. Even though it's raised grain, our chairs are smooth to the touch and provide comfort when sitting down for a hearty meal.

Chairs with Personality

Clevedon Court, a manor house from the early middle ages, matches the look and feel of our dining chairs perfectly. Home to many families throughout the years, Clevedon Court is now owned by the National Trust in England.

Clevedon Court
Clevedon Court Manor in England

Each chair has a unique natural wood grain and a distinct personality. The beauty is in the variation. And each of our furnishings is hand made from scratch in America by master level craftsmen.

Experience exquisite style and comfort in our 16th Century Manor House Dining Chairs.

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Built the old fashioned way
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At Scottsdale Art Factory, we have been hand crafting designs by H. J. Nick and using only use the best quality materials and all-American workforce of master craftsmen since 1913. Our expertise ensures your custom wood furniture will stand the test of time. We guarantee our work forever. Call us to discuss your custom project today at 1-800-292-0008.

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