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An original Magnolene motor oil sign from the early 1900s for Ford Model T automobiles. The genuine motor oil flange sign is a double sided royal blie porcelain sign with white outline, and "Magnolene" in white script across the top, "Motor Oil For Fords Reduces Vibration For Sale Here" in white block letters underneath. The "G" in Magnolene creates a border with "Reg. U.S. Pat. Off." in blue on this old motor oil sign.

Condition - Original, as is, see photos - not restored, and not a reproduction
Dimensions - 22" x 16"

Old Service Station Sign Specifications:

  • Type: Porcelain Flange Sign
  • Company: Magnolia Petroleum Company
  • Product: Magnolene Mobil Oil
  • Era: 1918-1925
  • Color: Royal blue, white
  • Dimensions: 16" T x 22" W
  • Condition: Original, as-is, see photos for details

Genuine Vintage Collectable Americana (not restored)

We guarantee this vintage sign to be correct as described and in the same condition as it was found. We do not restore or manufacture classic or antique artifacts. We certify correctness and grade, backed by our 100 year reputation. Learn more about our genuine vintage memorabilia guarantee.

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Magnolia Petroleum Company - Gas and Oil Company History

The Magnolia Petroleum Company was an early twentieth century petroleum company in Texas and was founded on April 24, 1911 as a consolidation of several earlier companies. Standard Oil of New York (Socony) exchanged its stock for all of the Magnolia stock in December 1925 though it continued to operate as an affiliate of Socony. Later in 1959 Magnolia was fully incorporated into the Mobil division of Socony. Magnolia's Pegasus logo, clad in red, has been the emblem of Mobil since the 1930s.

Magnolia gasoline and oils were made and sold in Texas and other southern states before World War I. In 1911 the Magnolia Petroleum Company was formed in a consolidation of several earlier Texas oil companies begun from 1898 to 1909. As Magnolia's business grew in Texas and the Southwest, the Standard Oil Company of New York (SOCONY) began buying Magnolia stock. By 1925 Socony controlled all the Magnolia stock. When Socony merged with Vacuum Oil in 1931, Magnolia became an affiliate of the new company. By 1949, Dallas-based Magnolia had permits to do business in twenty states, and had 12,500 employees. Magnolia merged with Socony Mobil in 1959 and its operations became part of Mobil Oil Company.



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