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H. J. Nick incorporated the strong, robust lines of Early European works into an original, heirloom quality iron sconce.

Using design elements from the middle ages and Eastern European castles, this iron lantern is a solid, hand forged piece of original artwork. The forged lanterns hang from a 1/2-inch square iron spiral. The lanterns feature 1/4-inch thick hand blown seeded glass and 1/4-inch square iron frames, decorated with custom iron clavos in a pyramid style. All iron is finished with a patina, where we apply iron oxides at over 1000 degrees to create permanent color that will never fade, chip or crack - and actually beautifies with age. The entire wrought iron lantern sconce is supported by a decorative iron base wall attachment. UL listed.

Fine Art Hand Forged Wall Sconce - Built To Last Forever - Every Detail Hand Forged By Our Master Blacksmiths - H J Nick Certified Originals Are Heavy Detailed To World Fine Art Standards (no castings or hollow faux metals) - Made In The Same Hand By Our American Master Craftsman, As It Was Hand Crafted In Its Era. - Solid Hand Forged Wrought Iron - All Heat Applied Iron Oxide Hand Patina Finished To World Class Antique Collectors Standards - (No Powder Coatings, No Spray On Faux Paint Jobs) - Family Heirloom Investment Quality - Guaranteed Forever - All Electrical Is UL Listed. - Order Any Size Or Style - Virtually Maintenance Free - Backed By Our A Century Of Fine Craftsmanship Since 1913.

Designs By H J Nick and Scottsdale Art Factory, an American manufacturer of handmade custom lighting, doors, and furniture based in Scottsdale, Arizona have been building for top designers, builders, and architects with worldwide distribution. We have been designing and building some of the world's finest custom wrought iron lanterns and lighting products for ordinary clients as well as more prominent and successful individuals, C.E.O.s, leaders, royalty and celebrities for over a century. Most of our clients want a furnishing that has a BIG WOW factor as well as elegance. They all want investment value that makes a proper statement reflecting their personality or the personality of the environment for which it is intended.

We Custom Build Fine Art Lighting - Residential and Commercial

Solid Iron - Built To Family Heirloom Quality - All Of Our Products Are Finished Inside And Out - All Hidden Areas Are Finished Same As The Fronts

Whether We Build Products For Your Modern Dream Home Or Ancient Castle every element is always built to future collectable antiquity investment quality standards and will stand the test of time. Destined to become a part of your family's appreciating financial net worth as well as a proud to own legacy heirloom.

We Are A "One Stop Shop" - Many of our clients commission custom lighting and furniture for every room, doors, gates, built-in cabinets, and hardware for their entire project. For Example: We are capable of starting with your entrance door design style or personalized carving coat of arms, family crest or business logo and bring this design in a tastefullyy elegant way into your interior and exterior lighting fixtures, entrance doors, interior doors, cabinets, structural elements, entrance gates or furnishings for every room. Making your home a unique piece of your family's tradition and legacy.

Many of the worlds finest builders, architects, interior designers, as well business and home owners choose Scottsdale Art Factory due to our large flexible American work force and our ability to manufacture coinciding with construction deadlines. Note: We do not import or out source allowing us total control of our supreme quality as well as your production requirements.

Product Details As Shown

Details As Shown: Forged Wall Sconce - LS147 Color: P-500 Black Heavy Brush Patina & P-512 Patina Rust - Solid, Hand Forged Iron - 9 1/2" Diameter X 17"T X 12"deep . Features hand hammered lantern hanging from a 1/2" sq. iron spiral, 1/4" thick seeded glass, custom pyramid iron clavos,heavy duty hand forged iron construction and patina finish. UL listed.

Main Iron Structure: Hand forged, hammer struck to shape using a variety of solid steel materials. Main wire traces very from 1/4" to 3/4" heavy wall structural steel depending on the quantity of luminaries. For Chandeliers, the Main wire hide cap and mount is hand forged steel with chain through that allows for 900 pound test chain to mount directly to your structural beam. The wire hide is designed to mount to any standard electrical light receptacle includes two decorative mounting screws. This type of cap also allows for the use of a (customer supplied) chandelier remote winch that allows you to remotely raise and lower your chandelier for service and maintenance. All wall mount sconces and post mount lights will mount to any standard electrical receptacle.

Light Sockets: You may request standard medium base sockets or candelabra sockets for most applications. Ask your representative for details. These socket sizes allow for a wide variety of long life, energy efficient bulbs.

All Iron Is Coal Fired, Hammered By Master Blacksmiths The Old Fashioned Way And Patina Finished. At Scottsdale Art Factory, we take pride in our traditional, superior quality workmanship and craft our products from only the finest iron. Our master blacksmiths have been classically trained, and utilize old world techniques such as coal firing, anvil hammering and hand forging to create the finest handcrafted hardware available anywhere. Nothing is Drop Forged. We create works using solid hand forged iron, (drop forging is a poor quality, casted copy of a hand forged work of art).

Patina Finish As Shown: Various Colors Of Hand Applied Iron Oxide Patinas. Our beautiful patina finishes are hand applied using a special patented process where oxides are bonded into the metal at over 1000 degrees. This permanent finish beautifies with age. S.A.F. does not paint or faux finish any of our iron creations. Paint fades, chips and cracks over time and patinas last forever. Each item is finished to be virtually maintenance free and to age with grace. No Drop Forged Casted Copies. No Paint Or Powder Coated Finishes. limited edition or original works. Every surface of this furnishing is finely finished including the undersides and hidden areas.

Gothic Iron Lantern - Historical Origin And Design Inspiration

Cockermouth Castle is in the town of Cockermouth in Cumbria on a site by the junction of the Rivers Cocker and Derwent. The first castle on this site was built by the Normans in 1134. Significant additions were made in the 13th and 14th centuries. The castle played a significant role in the Wars of the Roses, and in the Civil War, when it was badly damaged.


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