Green Streak (Shell) Old Porcelain Advertising Sign - PSGS55

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Hard to Find 1930s Green Streak Gasoline
Old Porcelain Advertising Sign - Shell Oil Company

Dimensions: 12” diameter

Green Streak Gasoline Signs are a much sought-after collector’s item! They’ve gained popularity in recent years because only a few of these old porcelain advertising signs remain. The sign we have for sale is 100% authentic - we never sell fakes or reproductions.

Vintage Porcelain Signs and Petroliana of the Highest Quality

Shell Oil Company began in 1912 and is now known as one of the nation’s best and largest oil and natural gas producers. Founded by the Royal Dutch/Shell Group, the company is known for innovations and striving for only high-quality products. In fact, Shell was the world’s first plant to use natural gas to make ammonia. Today, Shell has more than 25,000 branded gas stations across the United States.

In the 1930s, Shell was among a group of gas producers pushing for lower-priced gasoline. Green Streak was known as Shell’s third grade gasoline.

An Old Porcelain Advertising Sign from the Enterprising Days of Gas Companies

A Green Streak Vintage Porcelain sign recently sold at Barrett-Jackson - the world’s greatest collector car auctions. Another online auction for this sign saw 700+ visitors, ending in a biding war. Marked as an extremely rare find, these vintage porcelain signs are hard to come by!

We’re selling our sign for an amazing price so you can have the honor of adding it to your collection. Call us today before it’s gone! 1-800-292-0008

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