Floor Lamp - Wrought Iron with Rawhide Shade - LF620

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Floor Lamp

This hand forged wrought iron, H.J. Nick original lamp is an example of our time honored, blacksmithing traditions.

As shown: Arpeggio Floor Lamp features a two-tone patina finish, rawhide lamp shade, solid iron hand forged spirals, solid stone base.

Handcrafted Custom Lighting Designs

This custom built floor lamp is based on an original design from H.J. Nick's private iron collection. It features hand forged, solid iron curves built around a heavy walled, central wire trace. The hand chiseled granite base is extremely sturdy, and may be ordered from a variety of materials such as slate, travertine, granite, or other natural stones. The shade as shown, is made from genuine, hand stretched rawhide, and may be ordered in a wide variety of cloths or metals, such as oxidized and hand hammered copper. The two tone patina has been heat applied at over 1000 degrees, creating a finish that will never fade, chip, or crack, and will actually beautify with age.

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