Fallow Deer Antler Wall Sconce On Solid Copper Mount - LS0926

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Wall Sconce Fallow Deer Antler

This fallow deer antler wall sconce would be the perfect accent piece for any room in your home. Even better would be a set of sconces framing a mirror or doorway or favorite piece of art.

Our custom made wall sconces are their own work of art, created by American master craftsmen just for you. The master blacksmiths in our on-site shop hand forge the copper base of the sconce and finish it with a high heat patina process that will give you years of practically maintenance free beauty.

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The fallow deer antlers, perfect for a piece like this because of their long flat shape, are carefully hand sorted by color and gloss to give you a cohesive look. We use only naturally shed antlers in all our custom made lighting designs. Our master craftsmen then internally wire the sconce to UL standards so you will have a stunning and clean piece to hang on your wall.

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