Fallow Antler Sconce - Handcrafted Lighting - FDS973

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Are you looking for something a little exotic that will match your rustic decor? This custom wall sconce was made for you. Handcrafted in America, this antler sconce is made from Fallow Deer antlers, a breed of deer that originated in Eurasia but has now been introduced worldwide. One of their best features are their flat, wide antlers. Because of their shape, the antlers easily lend themselves to the creation of functional artwork like this sconce. Three antlers are intertwined and attached to a copper plate base. Our master craftsmen hand assemble the sconce lighting, matching the antlers by gloss and color, and make sure it is wired to UL standards. When the sconce is complete, it is carefully packed and shipped straight to your home where you can proudly mount this handcrafted piece of art that was created just for you.

Fallow Deer Natural Antler Wall Sconce

Copper Mounted - Order Any Size - Designed To Customers Request - From The Largest And Oldest Hand Crafted Fine Art Antler Lighting Manufacturer In America.

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