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Gas & Oil has played a big part in the building of the second industrial revolution in America and fuels its existence to this day. In the early 1900s, America began to need more power than the steam engine could provide; power to fuel the machines, cars, boats, tractors, trucks and heavy equipment that allowed for this industrial revolution to become reality. It also helped in a big way to boost our economy, creating many new American jobs. It was the beginning of what makes all of our lives what they are today.

In Alaska’s younger years, when it was still just a territory of the United States, gasoline was used mainly to fuel delivery trucks from the docks and the canning companies, so that their goods could reach the nearby surrounding towns and still be fresh or could be transported by boat or train. It also helped to fuel the fishing trade, including the soon to be booming, Dutch Harbor. As the canneries became more automated with the innovations of the Industrial Revolution, it became much quicker to ship goods to and from Alaska with the changes made in steam powered ships. You would find gas pumps at and near the docks as well as near the train stations to assure prompt deliveries. This very first gas pump serves as the tangible historical icon for the entire American industrial revolution since it was the beacon that touched the people.

Scottsdale Art Factory believes it's very important to preserve this icon of the American dream with the highest respect it deserves. This is why we think it's important to do our fine art restorations to the highest quality in the world. When Artist H J Nick signs this work it means its the finest investment quality collectable in the world bar none. We also think it's important to lead the industry standards and offer the highest quality, museum world class standards in everything we produce, including the full restoration of this truly American visible gas pump restored to historic correct full working order in tribute to the hard working men and women that came before us, and that helped make the life styles that we all enjoy today in the 21st century.

Essential One Pump

Petro Marine Services started out as Andy’s Oil Delivery in Seward, Alaska in 1936. Dale Lindsey joined Andy’s as a truck driver in 1956 and then he and his wife, Carol, purchased the company in 1959, marking the start of this family owned business. Today, their son, Kurt, runs the company and their grandsons are also involved with the business.

They built a bulk fuel terminal in Dutch Harbor, Alaska in 1984, and began Petro Marine Services’ rapid growth to become one of the largest and oldest petroleum distribution companies in Alaska. Dutch Harbor is the key port for fishing vessels in the North Pacific Ocean and the Bering Sea. You may be familiar with Dutch Harbor if you watch “The Deadliest Catch” on The Discovery Channel.

On a visit to the Petersburg, Alaska location, this pump was found in the corner of the warehouse. You can see the condition it was found in by looking at the “before” pictures, rusty, dusty, and almost unrecognizable. But Kurt looked at it and thought that if it could be restored, it would be the perfect centerpiece for their new office building. It took some time, but they found Scottsdale Art Factory and entrusted us with a important piece of their company history. We are proud to have helped this family owned American company recapture a piece of their past in all its Alaskan American historical glory.

We are the oldest and largest restorer of fine art, museum quality, historically correct antiques and supplier of genuine investment quality un-restored classic Americana (namely signs). Museum Quality Historically Correct means a world class restoration that preserves all original signs, badges, glass with anomalies, natural aged patina, ect. with non structural damage. All age, wear and tear is proudly displayed, when possible, on signage and gas pump globes. Contact the Art Factory for information on restoring your vintage gas pumps at 1-800-292-0008.

Our master craftsmen at the Scottsdale Art Factory restore all vintage antiques using original parts, refinished to museum quality that is historically correct.

All vintage memorabilia, automobila, and petroliana are real collectable appreciable assets, not fake reproductions. All new items are hand crafted in the same hand and materials as it was done in its era "When Things Were Made in America to Last Forever". If we say "Restored" we mean complete restoration to its original production offering in its era. If we say "Restormod" we mean exact copy with some improved modifications or customizations. All items are fine collectable art at the highest world class collector level.

Antique Gas Pumps Available In Any Theme

Musuem Quality Vintage Petroliana Restoration from Scottsdale Art Factory

  • All brass parts are solid polished original brass
  • Rare collectors preferred original "Milk Glass" globe
  • All sign-age is correct porcelain original era material (no fake foreign made parts or signs used)
  • All internals have been polished and rebuilt
  • Pump is in working order
  • Backed by a century of fine craftsmanship since 1913
American Restoration of Vintage Automobilia

NOTE -- Due to our earned reputation we have the good fortune to be in high demand by collectors. We always have a waiting list for most antique and vintage items. We suggest if you're looking for a specific collectable restored to this level, that you please ask to be put on our first come, first served list (a refundable deposit is required).

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