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Desk Presented To The Office Of The President Of The United States Of America, By Artist, Designer And Master Builder H J Nick And Scottsdale Art Factory, LLC. Built by Americans, for Americans in support of the American Arts And Crafts movement. American made keeps Americans working.

This is the concept design proposed for a new 21st century presidential desk, presented for the newly redecorated Oval Office of the White House.

We believe the Oval Office of the 21st century president should reflect the American promise through its historic artifacts and furnishings, however, we also feel the American president's desk should reflect the historic past as well as project the power of change now and in the future.

We Proudly Present This Desk - At No Cost To The American Taxpayer

These aspirations are expressed with no political partisan agenda on our part or that of our staff. It is our sole desire to help promote the resurrection and restoration of the American promise of hard work and risk for an honest day's pay and/or profit in the only way we know how, through our American handmade fine art craftsmanship. This fine art original desk is designed with these ideals and concepts in mind.

As an American family business we, as well as most of our peers and employees, suffered both economically and emotionally during the difficult period of the Great Recession. However, we continue to hope that the true American dream will be restored to its original promise: that the American entrepreneurial spirit, American manufacture, American small business, as well as the middle class worker will once again be recognized in their own right as the backbone of this great nation.

We fear that if our founders had come to this country in the climate that exists today to apply their hand crafted trade and begin a business, we likely would not exist in America today advancing our fine art craftsmanship.


This fine art original desk is designed with these ideals and concepts in mind.

An Overview On Design Elements And Symbolism

  • The four hand carved pillars in this design were chosen to represent The Four Pillars Of Society.

    • The First Pillar represents family, education, and the pursuit of happiness.
    • The Second Pillar represents religion, power of self, and attitude. Everything is possible if you are willing to work for it.
    • The Third Pillar represents industry, opportunity, and free enterprise.
    • The Fourth Pillar represents government, security, freedom, and justice equality for all.
  • From our American historical past we retained the hand carved great Presidential Seal of the United States of America and other designs from the Resolute Desk. Utilizing these design elements we incorporate the past in harmony with the present and the future of American ideals.

  • The shield is composed of thirteen stripes that represent the original colonies, supporting a blue field which represents the chief which unites the whole and represents congress. The stripes are kept closely united by the chief and the chief depends upon that union and the strength resulting from it.

  • The eagle holds a ribbon in his beak on which is inscribed the motto "E Pluribus Unum", Latin for "out of many, one", and alludes to this union.

  • The shield is bourn on the breast of an American eagle without any other supporters to denote that the United States of America ought to rely on its own virtue.

  • The olive branch and arrows denote the power of peace and war, and the eagle's head turned towards the olive branches represents the desire for peace.

  • The constellation of thirteen stars denotes a new state taking its place and rank among other sovereign powers.

Key Thoughts, Facts, and Key Concepts Behind This Offering

Designs by H. J. Nick from Scottsdale Art Factory have always been handmade in America using American produced raw materials. We are a custom fine artistic furniture and door manufacturer based in Scottsdale, Arizona. We have been designing and building some of the world's finest handcrafted furniture and more for many prominent and successful individuals, CEO's, leaders, royalty, and celebrities for over a century.

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