Custom Fortified Entry Gate Crafted In America - DCG199A

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Castle Gate Fortified Entrance Gate Built To Last Forever And Grow Old With Grace

Fine Arts and Craftsman Wooden 4" thick Entry Gate Built To Twice Hurricane Code - not to be confused with gates built using glue, screws or fast process. This eyebrow arch wooden entry gate features a solid length natural air dried and cured timber wood gate design, with hand forged wrought iron built in the same hand and materials as most castle gates have been built for centuries. At Scottsdale Art Factory we build unique fine art custom wood entrance gates - virtually maintenance free custom estate entrance gates. Castle gates were the original security gates. Our custom gate hardware is made from hand forged wrought iron by our master blacksmiths. We build driveway gates, garden gates, estate gates, and entrance gates in any size for your commercial or residential property. Built to last forever virtually maintenance free and Guaranteed Forever.

Our Master Craftsman Build All Antique Door Designs Using The Identical Methods And Materials Of The Historical Period Of Each Antique Door Design Conception.

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