Cardiff Custom Wooden Door With Speakeasy - 4135AT

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Our handcrafted doors are the finest American made custom wooden doors in the world. Built from 3” thick solid cedar cypress, our Cardiff Custom Wooden Door With Speakeasy is a custom wood door design built for your specific needs. This custom entrance door features a unique speakeasy, wrought iron grill, and custom door hardware that is hand forged by our master blacksmiths. Our expert craftsmen will craft exactly what you seek. We stand behind our work and guarantee our custom entry doors will last forever.

A Full Arched Custom Wooden Door Made for Your Needs

Our master craftsmen make all of our exterior custom doors to last forever. This solid wood door features a larger speakeasy that is protected with a diamond criss-cross window grill. Just under the speakeasy is a wrought iron door knocker. You’re guests will love the old world charm this hand forged door knocker provides. The custom lever door handle with back plate, and all custom door hardware is finished with a heat patina so it will never erode or corrode.

Our blacksmiths anvil hammer and patina finish all of our custom door hardware. All of our doors are completely customized to your exact specifications and meticulously shaped to your requested style. Add any custom door pulls or knockers you would like.

Custom Wood Door Designs Inspired by History

Cardiff Castle

We carry on the tradition of fine craftsmanship by making our exterior and interior doors with old world techniques: mortise and tenon joinery. This handcrafted door was inspired by Cardiff castle in Wales. Build in the 11th century, it was likely commisioned by William the Conqueror and formed the heart of the medieval town of Cardiff. It's an exquisite example of fine craftsmanship.

The decorative speakeasy on this handmade door comes from the early 1900’s when prohibition was in full effect. Places that served alcohol in secret needed to be careful about visitors. Small windows were created in doors so guests could be screened. People were to not speak of these places, gaining them the name “speak easy, please.” Today, this small window is a popular design on doors. If done correctly, like we do here at the Art Factory, your custom entry door will be historically correct and add elegance to your home.

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