Medieval Custom Wrought Iron Chandelier 14th Century- LC783A

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Hand Forged Chandelier That Will Make Any Room Stand Out Beautifully

Chandelier Custom hand forged made Medieval style chandelier, is a perfectly handcrafted platform of extended arms that holds the lighting at the bottom. This handmade chandelier is designed with beautiful scroll and leaves with a resemblance of a twisted rope at the top and bottom that wraps around. With light bulbs that bring the old world feel to this unique Medieval chandelier, our master blacksmiths hand forge solid wrought iron and anvil hammer to shape each piece exactly the way you request it. Then, finishing with hand patina that ensures your custom lighting wrought iron to never erode or corrode. We are proud to offer this hand made chandelier in different styles, so never feel limited to what you are wanting for your special room.

Order Any Size Or Style For Your Residential Or Commercial Property

The medieval household was similar to modern households. Yet in contrast to the household of today, it consisted of many more individuals than just the nuclear family. From households of Kings to the humblest peasant dwelling, more or less distant relatives and varying numbers of servants and dependents would cohabit with the master of the house and his immediate family. The structure of the medieval household was largely dissolved by the advent of privacy in early modern Europe.

The need for light was a huge aspect of this lifestyle as it is today. With no electricity invented yet, our predecessors had to be inventive and possess great skills such as craftsmanship and blacksmith skills to make candle holders, lanterns, or chandeliers that would be able to hold a live flame for lighting dark areas without burning buildings down. Aristocratic households allowed for more elaborate lighting solutions to be created such as hand forged, ornate, wrought iron chandeliers. Today we at still produce these designs in the same hand and materials however most are now redesigned for electric use by our American master craftsmen.

Wrought Iron Chandelier and Lighting Design Options

  • Size - custom size, shape, number of lights
  • Style - iron, wood, design, shape, decorative accents
  • Finishes - variety of hand applied patina finishes
  • Metal - iron, brass, copper, or precious metals available in all styles
  • Glass - decorative, frosted, clear, stained glass
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Hand Made Lighting and Chandeliers
  • American hand made chandelier
  • Solid, hand forged, wrought iron (no hollow faux metal, no fake castings)
  • Full length, solid, air dried natural hard wood
  • Built in the original craft - not reproduction
  • Hand applied wood stain and patina finish on all custom lights
  • Order any size or style wall sconce custom designed for your residential or commercial space
  • Available in clear, frosted, decorative, and stained glass
  • All hand made custom lighting and chandeliers are Guaranteed Forever - backed by over a century of fine craftsmanship since 1913

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