Chandelier Custom Master Hand Forged Iron Leaves - ILC800

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Circle Of Natures Harmony Wrought Iron Leaf Chandelier

Leaves in Iron with an aura of refined taste, this hand forged iron, leaf candelabra chandelier has been redesigned by H. J. Nick for the 21st century. This custom chandelier radiates a lustrous aura of refined elegance. The hand forged iron leafs combined with the smoothness of soft glowing candelabra lights, will provide an attractive accent to any home. Iron oxide patinas are hand applied onto the raw metal, curing them at over 1000 degrees creating a color that is a permanent part of the metal. A patina will never fade, chip, or crack, and will actually improve with age. All Scottsdale Art Factory products are built to family heirloom standards and will stand the test of time. UL listed. Order your custom lighting in any size and style, handmade in America. Call for pricing 1-800-292-0008.

Custom Chandelier - As shown: 4 candelabras in patina black P-500 from solid hand forged iron featuring artistic iron, decorative ceiling canopy and patina finish. UL listed. Design based on the larger 8 candelabra

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