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Fine Art Hand Forged Iron Railing - Example inspirational iron balcony. Every detail of our custom iron balcony creations is hand forged by our Master Blacksmiths under the direction of artist and designer H J Nick. We offer Certified Originals, heavy detailed ironworks to world fine art standards. All solid iron - no castings or hollow faux metals - include heat applied iron oxide hand patina finishes - no powder coatings, no spray-on faux paint jobs - to world class antique collectors standards. Virtually Maintenance Free - Guaranteed Forever - Order Any Size Or Style

Designs By H J Nick and Scottsdale Art Factory furnishings are all handmade in our manufacturing plant based in Scottsdale, Arizona. We have been designing and building some of the world's finest custom railing for builders and interior designers with ordinary clients as well as more prominent and successful individuals, C.E.O.s, leaders, royalty and celebrities for over 100 years. Most of our clients want a design that has a BIG WOW factor as well as elegance. They all want investment value wrought iron that makes a proper statement reflecting their personality or the personality of the environment for which it is intended.

We Hand Make All Of Our Metal Products In The Same Hand And Materials As It Has Been Tried And Tested For Hundreds Of Years - To Stand The Test Of Time

Iron Balcony Historical Origin and Design Inspiration

Jules Aimé Lavirotte (Lyon, March 25, 1864 - Paris, March 1924) was a French architect who designed no fewer than nine buildings still standing in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, or in immediately surrounding arrondissements. His flamboyant work won him acclaim among his contemporaries, and won him the Concours de Façades de la Ville de Paris on at least two occasions: once for the building at 29 Avenue Rapp (1901), and again for the Ceramic Hotel, 34 Avenue de Wagram (1904). Lavirotte was born in Lyon, and went on to study at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Lyon, where he was a pupil of Antoine Georges Louvier (1818–92). He subsequently studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris under the tutelage of Paul Blondel (1847–97), and gained his architect's diploma there in 1894.

Whether We Build Products For Your Modern Dream Home Or Ancient Castle every element is always built to future collectable antiquity investment quality standards and will stand the test of time. Destined to become a part of your family's appreciating financial net worth as well as a proud to own legacy heirloom.

Master blacksmith wrought iron balcony

All Iron Is Coal Fired, Hammered By Master Blacksmiths The Old Fashioned Way And Patina Finished. At Scottsdale Art Factory, we take pride in our traditional, superior quality workmanship and craft our products from only the finest iron. Our master blacksmiths have been classically trained, and utilize old world techniques such as coal firing, anvil hammering and hand forging to create the finest handcrafted hardware available anywhere. All of our iron work is hand patina finished by heat applying iron oxides to achieve a natural patina finish that will stand the test of time. Nothing is drop forged. We create works The Old Fashioned Way using solid hand forged wrought iron, (drop forging is a poor quality, casted copy of a hand forged work of art).

Master Blacksmithing: The kind of hand forged metal work you can expect when you order from Scottsdale Art Factory.

Patina Finish - Various colors of hand applied iron oxide patinas are available. Our beautiful patina finishes are hand applied using a special process where oxides are bonded into the metal at over 1000 degrees. This permanent finish beautifies with age. Every surface of this furnishing is finely finished including the undersides and hidden areas. Each item is finished to be virtually maintenance free and to age with grace. All parts are hand patina finished the old fashioned way by iron oxide hand applied with high temperature heat. We never powder coat or faux paint our iron, it has been proven paint and powder coating methods do not hold up over time. Scottsdale Art Factory does not paint or faux finish any of our iron creations. Paint fades, chips and cracks over time and patinas last forever. You may choose from many natural iron oxide colors. Our patina finishes are water based and earth friendly. You may order any single color or texture finish at no extra charge. Fine Finish Information: Important details about our finish process: patinas, sealant and finishes.

Understanding True Quality Furnishings Makes All The Difference

When you purchase investment quality furnishings, doors, gates, cabinets, lighting and hardware they will appreciate and keep up with inflation or exceed most other investments. For this reason, becoming wealthy has very little to do with a higher education or having a lot of extra money. It is truly making wise decisions and a state of mind that allows for you to pay once for a good value and continue to grow wealth while enjoying living in your investment. Not to mention this type of investing has many other benefits, such as priceless family heirlooms that have meaning and the ability to pass on your legacy to future generations.

Scottsdale Art Factory working Policy for Over a Century:

"Made In America, By American Workers, Using American Made Materials"

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