Arched Carved Window- Chateau de Coucy 13th Cen WIN1640

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Historical Origin And Design Inspiration

The Chateau de Coucy is a French castle in the commune of Coucy-le-Chéteau-Auffrique, in the département of Aisne, built in the 13th century and renovated by Viollet-le-Duc in the 19th. In 1917,

During its heyday it was famous for the size of its central tower and the pride of its lords, who adopted the staunchly independent rhyme: "Roi ne suis, ne Prince ne Duc ne Comte aussi; Je suis le sire de Coucy" ("I am not a King, nor Prince nor Duke nor Count; I am the Lord of Coucy").

The castle was constructed in the 1220s by Enguerrand III de Coucy. The castle proper occupies the tip of a bluff or falaise. The donjon was the largest in Europe, measuring 35 meters wide and 55 meters tall. The smaller towers surrounding the court were as big as the donjons being built at that time by the French monarchy. The rest of the bluff is covered by the lower court of the castle, and the small town.

You May Order: Window Frame Only - Or Frame With Sill Built To Accept Functional Production Windows- A Complete Glazed Window System - Straight Top - Eyebrow Arch Top - Full Arch Top - Cathedral Stained Glass and Art Glass Windows - Any Size And Style.

As Shown: Hand Carved, Eyebrow Arch Top, Wilderness Window, Structural Window Jamb As Shown: Arched Carved Window- Chateau de Coucy 13th Cen WIN1640 - Structural Window - 86"T X 68"W X 3"D (structure) 8"D (sill depth).Color: Tar 1-6, Outdoor Oil (both sides) Solid cedar 3" thick structural jamb with center thick rabbeted window stop.Features: Open horizon design with hand carved wilderness scene of two deer and a large winter tree. The window is fitted with 3/4" thick, thermal UV rated glass, which is encased and fully sealed within the frame. (Blue background is the sky reflection on clear glass.) Hand carved windows may be built with scenic panels on both sides, or with a single side carved panel for the budget minded, and may be designed with any artwork you wish. Glass may be ordered in a variety of colors and textures. Prepared to accept 1/4" thick up to 1" thick thermal glass depending upon your glass choice. These window jambs are ideal for log homes or post and beam construction and allow logs or beams to shrink while staying straight and plumb. You may order jambs any depth to accommodate your log size. They are also ideal for conventional wood frame homes and masonry construction as well.

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