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A Wooden Vintage Sand Mold from Antiquity

Dimensions: 16" Diameter; 4" Thick

Metal casting helped to propel us out of the stone age - now you can own a genuine piece of history with our Antique Sand Mold Rustic Decor. Made of solid wood, this mold was used for casting various metals like aluminum, pewter, and copper.

Antique Rustic Decor Perfect for the Metal Enthusiast, Jewelry Maker, or Craftsman

Casting has been around for 5,000 years, and the earliest known sand mold comes from China, dated around 645 BCE. The earliest known casting is a copper frog from Mesopotamia (3200 BCE). To cast something in sand, our ancestors created a series of wooden frames, or mold boxes, to contain sand, which was then packed tightly into the container. The design was then pressed into the sand to create a mold. Once molten metal was added, the result was a beautiful piece of ironwork that ranged from purely ornamental items, to weapons and mechanisms. Today, over 70% of all metal castings are still produced via the sand casting process.

You can add this beautifully rustic decor antique sand mold to your home or work area to enhance any theme.

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