Antique Motor Oil Drain Tank - Restored Pennzoil - MODT54

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Antique Pennzoil Motor Oil Drain Tank

This genuine antique Motor Oil Drain Tank is restored to museum quality, full working condition, and features hand painted signs and some small anomalies left from original use and age for a historically accurate classic collectible to add to your Man Cave décor, showroom, or classic Americana collection.

Own A Rare Piece Of Vintage Americana

Condition - As Is, please see photos - Fully restored, and is not a reproduction
Dimensions - 70 T (fully open) 40 T (fully closed) 104D on original wheels

Restored To Historic Original Full Working Condition with Hand Painted Signs

  • Type: Pennzoil Motor Oil Drain Tank
  • Company: Pennzoil
  • Product: Pennzoil Motor Oil Drain Tank
  • Era: 1910s-Present
  • Dimensions: 70 T (fully open) 40 T (fully closed) 52D
  • Condition: Original, fully restored, historically correct

Pennzoil is an American Oil Company founded in Los Angeles, California in 1913. In 1955, it was acquired by Oil City, Pennsylvania Company South Penn Oil, a former branch of Standard Oil. Then, in 2002 Pennzoil was purchased by the Dutch/Shell Company, headquartered in the Netherlands. During WWII Shell was the main supplier for British forces which Pennzoil admired. Today, Pennzoil is still used in major Motorsport events and the oil can only be used for specific vehicles per the Manufacturer's standards.

Man Changing Oil

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