Antique Mansion Fire Place Mantel - FPM701

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Manor House Fine Art Historic Design 16th Cen Fire Place Mantel Design

Hand Carved World Class Fine Art Mantel,s - When You Deserve The Best

Hand Chiseled Solid Italian Marble

Hand Forged By Master Blacksmith, Anvil, Fire And Wrought Iron

Own an Heirloom You Can Pass Down for Many Generations to Come - Made from Solid Natural Walnut

Many societies throughout the ages have created and passed down heirlooms either for sacred rituals or to create an honored family tradition. The Egyptians, Mayans, and European aristocracy are amoung those who left behind valuable items for future generations. In fact, if it were not for their artifacts, we wouldn’t know as much about previous civilizations and how they contributed to better humanity.

Creating an heirloom for your own family is a way to pass on your memory and touch your loved ones for many generations. No matter if it’s a simple fine art, handmade, one-of-a-kind placard or hope chest with your personal message on it, or a major hand crafted and hand carved bed commemorating and expressing your love, an heirloom for your family is something they will cherish the rest of their lives.

Your fine art mantel is built to last using the finest craftsmanship in the world and the finest materials. Not only is your custom-made mantel an investment quality piece, it is an appreciable asset that will add to your financial net worth.

Handmade from solid, old growth natural cured walnut, the fireplace mantel’s finish is done using an age old technique with a 23-step hand rubbed process. We begin with fine hand sanding and infused stains to allow highlights on the reliefs to show to perfection. We then go through 20 additional steps requiring the application of wax, oils and lacquers with curing times between each process done on the wood surfaces, inside and out.

We Always Custom Build so You Can Order Any Size or Style and Build the Fireplace Mantel of Your Dreams

Additional Fireplace Mantel Information:
  • Order any size, shape, and design, or get it as shown
  • Choose from a variety of wood like walnut, cedar, and oak, as well as stains
  • Built the old fashioned way "when everything made in America was built to last forever" and craftsmen were proud to sign their work
  • Solid, full length timber that is air dried (never kiln dried)
  • Handcrafted using mortise and tenon
  • Solid hand forged wrought iron hardware - no hollow iron or fake castings
  • Built in the original craft - never reproduced
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