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Antique Furniture Appraisals

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When "antiquing", it is important to know what you are buying, and when selling, how authentic are your items. Television appraisers emphasize the "evils" of refinishing, but never mention other sins transgressed on antique furniture unknowing collectors fall prey to.

Refinished the original varnish or patina "skin" has been removed either by sanding or chemicals usually down to bare wood.

Altered furniture legs are shortened, chair seats are modernized to be more comfortable, etc.

Embellished finials are added, inlays are put in, carving added to previous plain areas.

Composites parts of two or more similar pieces are put together to make one new one. Plate racks are added to buffets. Early hardware is added to pieces from later dates.

Overly Restored original finish is completely removed and restoration of missing items is unnecessarily made. Items like finials are replaced although no one knows what the original really looked like. Patinas and finishes are faked to make them more attractive.

Poorly Restored varnish or wax is applied to deteriorating finish. Missing items have been replaced but are clearly noticeable.

Revival Pieces designs like Gothic, Louis XIV, Jacobean are revived and carried to extremes never done originally.

Forgeries spurious dates and names are added as well as patriotic motifs to authentic pieces to make them more valuable. Furniture is made from period wood from old barn beams and plank flooring.

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