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Scottsdale Art Factory Focuses On The Advancement Of The Lost Arts. We Repair Products And Hand Make Parts As Well As New Products In The Same Hand And Materials As They Were Made in The Era They Were Created. For thousands of years man has been able to create hand made quality products that have stood the test of time. Most of these items have advanced mankind's ability to enhance his environment. However in the past several years there has been a deliberate effort by unscrupulous manufacturers to exploit these age old arts and craftsmanship for fast profit. By copying the world finest handmade designs using modern technology and super glues along with fake inferior materials and cheap unskilled labor.

In years past most craftsman took pride in their workmanship and were defined by it. Thus creating products that they were proud to have their name associated with. Today this is rarely true. This is proving to be a great loss to America and its work force and family pride. The loss of family heirlooms means the loss of family history. With no tangible family history to hold usually means no tangible family legacy. If you do not know or can touch where you have been it is difficult to know where your going.

There is few places left that really build or restore a product with quality foremost in mind. This is partly due to profiteering on the part of unscrupulous business,s and the public demand for cheap products (some thing for nothing fast) and the fact the public as been fooled by this demand and most have lost touch with what is real and true investment value when it comes to furniture.

Some live in the fantasy world of expecting quality on the cheap and wind up with all their family heirlooms prematurely in a yard sale or worse. Some using the excuse of the kids are little and we will wait for the good stuff later. Or we hear ("I like to get new stuff so all I buy is throw away products") This is only a good idea if you have lots of money to burn.

We believe that handmade by master craftsman quality is the only way to deliver true value. We as we have maintained our quality standard for the past 97 years and continue to this day. On these pages we show special projects or products we believe have stood and will continue to stand the test of time. We have restored many of these items to our quality standard because we believe at the time of their conception the craftsman making them had quality foremost in mind.

We Only Accept Properly Built New Or Antique Furnishings Etc. For Restoration Or Reproduction

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