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Neon Mobil Oil Pegasus Sign

This 60 yr old plus neon sign shows it wear proudly and is a American iconic survivor of the American dream. Created in the post war WW2 days when war torn America was putting its self back together from fighting for its very freedom to be able to choose your own destiny. When all Americans believed it was their right to work hard and be rewarded with a nice home, new car every three yrs and the 2.5 beautiful children that would grow up to be us. This is why we feel that these old signs should never be restored entirely and should show their age be cause they represent some of the best times in American history when it was simply "Happy Days".

A rare original Mobil neon sign for Standard Oil Socony-Vacuum Oil company from the 1950s. This vintage sign is a cookie cutter flying horse Mobil sign with new neon lighting. The right facing Mobil Pegasus gas sign is red on a white background with white details. The 9-feet by 7-feet flying Pegasus neon sign features a 3-inch depth (6.5-inches from wall to neon) and is available from Scottsdale Art Factory. All vintage neon signs are genuine authentic memorabilia in original condition.

Condition - as is, see photos - not restored, and not a reproduction
Dimensions - 7' T x 9' W

More About The Porcelain Condition - Most of these signs have chips in the porcelain and there is no correct way to add new porcelain in a manor that would be consistent with a full museum quality restoration. Also in the investor collector world there are two schools of thought. One is consistent with ours that it is best and correct to display the wounds, bullet holes etc and age marks, chips etc. on porcelain signs. The other is to doctor with paint finishes to cover the true condition of the porcelain to make the sign show in pristine condition. This is like putting lipstick on a pig no matter what you do its still a pig. We feel the porcelain sign has much more value in its true condition than it does doctored. however if you are of the school of thought that your sign should be in pristine condition we offer to do this process at your request.

Antique sign for Mobil manufactured by Socony Vacuum Oil Company founded in 1911, later merging with Exxon to form the current ExxonMobil Company.

Vintage Neon Sign Specifications:

  • Type - Single sided metal neon sign
  • All neon and dual transformers have been replaced
  • Neon has separate toggle switch
  • Company - Socony-Vacuum Oil Company
  • Product - Mobil Gasoline
  • Era - 1950
  • Color - Red, and white
  • Dimensions - 7' Tall x 9' Wide x 6 1/5" Deep
  • Condition - Original, as-is, see photos for details

All vintage signs, antiques and collectables offered are genuine memorabilia and appreciable assets, not fake reproductions. All items are fine collectable art at the highest world class collector level. Contact us to order vintage Americana, antique signs, old gas pumps, and classic collectables at 1-800-292-0008.

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