Hires Root Beer Soda Machine 10 Cent IDEAL Vintage - HRB930

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Vintage Soda Vending Machine 1930s Ideal 55 With Embossed Hires Root Beer Hand Painted Signs

An original Ideal 55 model soda cooler from the 1930s for Hires Root Beer soda dispenser. This vintage cooler is completely restored to full working condition, historical accurate, to museum quality finish. The soda cooler is an Ideal model 55 known as a slider because you slide the bottle along the internal rack to release the bottle once your coin payment is deposited. The oven baked exterior in in a bright white color with a stainless steel lid. The soda cooler can vend up to five flavors and accommodate different size bottles. The right side access door allows you to easily load the vending slider and the precool area.

Condition - as is, see photos - Fully restored, and not a reproduction
Dimensions - 42" T x 37" W x 19.5" D

Rare vintage soda machine for Hires Root Beer manufactured by Ideal .

This genuine vintage soda machine cooler is restored to museum quality and is in full working condition.

All antique memorabilia offered are genuine collectable and appreciable assets, not fake reproductions. All items are fine collectable art at the highest world class collector level. Contact us to order vintage Americana, antique signs, old gas pumps, and classic collectables at 1-800-292-0008.

Old Vending Machine Specifications:

  • Type: Ideal Model 55 Soda Cooler
  • Company: Ideal Dispensing Company
  • Product: Hires Root Beer
  • Era: 1930 -Late 1950s
  • Electric: Standard 110 plug
  • Serves: 50 Bottles 7oz-12oz (Precools 80 7oz or 60 12oz bottles)
  • Dimensions: 42" Tall x 37" Wide x 19.5" Deep
  • Condition: Original, fully restored, historically correct

Collectables, Classic Restorations and Vintage Memorabilia information:

Sassafras root beverages were made by Native Americans for culinary and medicinal reasons before the arrival of Europeans in North America, but European culinary techniques have been applied to making traditional sassafras-based beverages similar to root beer since the 16th and 17th centuries. Root beer was sold in confectionery stores since the 1840s, and written recipes for root beer have been documented since the 1860s. It possibly was combined with soda as early as the 1850s, and root beer sold in stores was most often sold as a syrup rather than a ready-made beverage

Pharmacist Charles Elmer Hires was the first to successfully market a commercial brand of root beer. Hires developed his root tea made from sassafras in 1875, debuted a commercial version of root beer at the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition in 1876, and began selling his extract. Hires was a teetotaler who wanted to call the beverage "root tea". However, his desire to market the product to Pennsylvania coal miners caused him to call his product "root beer", instead. In 1886, Hires began to bottle a beverage made from his famous extract. By 1893, root beer was distributed widely across the United States. Non-alcoholic versions of root beer became commercially successful, especially during Prohibition.

One of Hires's early competitors was Barq's, which began selling its sarsaparilla-based root beer in 1898 and was labeled simply as "Barq's". 1919, Roy Allen opened his root-beer stand in Lodi, California, which led to the development of A&W Root Beer. One of Allen's innovations was that he served his homemade root beer in cold, frosty mugs. IBC Root Beer is another brand of commercially produced root beer that emerged during this period and is still well-known today.

Safrole, the aromatic oil found in sassafras roots and bark that gave traditional root beer its distinctive flavour, was banned for commercially mass-produced foods and drugs by the FDA in 1960.

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