Green Planet

Scottsdale Art Factory Is Green Planet Friendly.

We never use living trees that are felled for the purpose of manufacturing. All of our wood comes from trees that are considered destroyed by natural causes such as fires, storms or natural infestations. We salvage from nature and use every part of the northern cedar tree.

Libocedrus decurrens Torr. No Trees Are Cut For Our Products

This Hand Carved Moose Is another example of how we can take from the natural woods what mother nature is finished with ( a fallen tree from wind or natural erosion ) and create something of value. Enjoy,celebrate nature and not destroy our planet.

Designed In America and Built In America. Useing Solid Natural Air Dried Timber, Genuine Stone, Marble, Granite, Fine Leathers, Fabric And Hand Forged Steel.

And by the hands of our master craftsman under the supervision of world renowned artist H. J. Nick. Using only the finest natural materials (no paste boards, veneers, unfinished backs or faux materials).

There Is No Extra Charge For Redesign Or New Design Work.