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Hand Forged Wrought Iron Serpent Custom Door Pull

Serpents are considered to be guardians in many mythologies as well as bearers and protectors of knowledge and wisdom. A serpent god sheltered Buddha from a storm and this motif is found throughout Angkor in Cambodia. Serpents are often carved into the entrance columns of temples and holy places for protection and are considered the natural guardians of treasures and sacred sites. A snake was the guardian of the Golden Fleece, a symbol of kingship, in Greek mythology. Why not let these coiling snakes guard the treasures within your home? This highly detailed door knocker/ring pull is hand forged by our master blacksmiths in wrought iron. Each small detail is done by hand, down to the tiny scales of the snakes. This stunning work of art will set your door apart from your neighbors and will make a striking impression on your visitors. Add a little bit of protection and a beautiful work of art to your home with this handcrafted door knocker.

This solid wrought iron custom door ring pull is hand crafted by our in-house master level blacksmiths using hand forged tried and tested techniques, coal fired, anvil hammered to shape into this unique design inspired by old world fine art designs. Available in any size, style and finish this designer door knocker can be custom fabricated in any design you can dream up - order from our online catalog of custom door handles and pulls, send in your drawing or photos, or speak with one of our talented design engineers and we at Scottsdale Art Factory will hand make custom door handles just for you.

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