Security Grill - Hand Forged Ornamental Wrought Iron - CHT1021

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All Scottsdale Art Factory Hardware Is Designed In America and Built In America Using Natural Low Carbon Hand Forged Iron By The Hands Of True American Master Craftsmen.

This Is Not Ordinary Commercial / Residential Mass Production Or Foreign Sub-Contract wrought iron. This hardware is truly a work of handmade in America investment quality art. All welds are blended and never seen. All steel parts are hand forged by our master blacksmiths using a hot forge, anvil and hammer. No detail is left out and there are no cheap casting or so called drop forged parts on any of our hardware. All joints and welds are hand blended and never show. "No" thin walled hollow cold bent soft metals "No" faux paint jobs or powder coating all finishes are natural patina or earth friendly lacquers

Purchase American Made - Invest In "Your" Future. It Is Simply A Fact: When you purchase a third world made product you not only work against the American economy, thus working against yourself and your future employment or the employment of the customers your business depends upon. In addition, your choice works against employing American workers making quality American products not to mention the loss of your hard earned investment due to being ripped off by brand name American companies. These so called American profiteers use inferior materials as well as this cheap labor with only big profits in mind.

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