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Custom lighting designer chandeliers

All fine art lighting is created by the master craftsmen at Scottsdale Art Factory using the identical methods and materials of the historic period of each light design concept. Hand crafted using classic traditional methods, and using the finest quality materials, our lighting is made in America in any size, style and design and all our electrical is UL listed.

Contact our factory designers, architects, and engineers - who are experts at manufacturing our custom products, not salesmen - to discuss your designer lighting project at 1-800-292-0008.

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Investment Quality Iron Work

Investment Quality Equals Appreciable Asset Iron Work, Destined For Antiquity.
We build only proud to own family heirloom furnishings, rich with family history and priceless heritage. This process begins with you and your family personalizing each piece with your own special design requests. H. J. Nick supervises the details and drafting process with his design team and, upon your approval, we then build your product. Once you receive your item, you can enjoy it secure in the knowledge it will increase in value and become a cherished family heirloom that is guaranteed to stand the test of time. Order your custom lighting and hardware as an Original Work or Limited Edition product.

Historical Origin and Design Inspiration

custom iron work hardware and lighting

A blacksmith is a person who creates objects from iron or steel by forging the metal, i.e. by using tools to hammer, bend, cut, and otherwise shape it in its non-liquid form. Usually the metal is heated until it glows red or orange as part of the forging process. Blacksmiths produce things like wrought iron gates, grills, railings, light fixtures, furniture, sculpture, tools, agricultural implements, decorative and religious items, cooking utensils, horseshoes and weapons.

A blacksmith's striker is an assistant (frequently an apprentice), whose job it is to swing a large sledge hammer in heavy forging operations, as directed by the blacksmith. In practice, the blacksmith will hold the hot iron at the anvil (with tongs) in one hand, and indicate where the iron is to be struck by tapping it with a small hammer held in the other hand. The striker then delivers a heavy blow with the sledge hammer where indicated.

When iron ore is smelted into usable metal, a certain amount of carbon is usually alloyed with the iron, (charcoal is almost pure carbon). The amount of carbon has extreme effects on the properties of the metal. If the carbon content is over 2%, the metal is called cast iron. Cast iron is so called because it has a relatively low melting point and is easily cast. It is quite brittle however, and therefore not used for blacksmithing. If the carbon content is between 0.25% and 2%, the resulting metal is tool steel, which can be heat treated as discussed above. When the carbon content is below 0.25%, the metal is either "wrought iron" or "mild steel." The terms are never interchangeable. In pre-industrial times, the material of choice for blacksmiths was wrought iron. This iron had a very low carbon content, and also included up to 5% of glassy slag. This slag content made the iron very tough, gave it considerable resistance to rusting, and allowed it to be more easily "forge welded," a process in which the blacksmith permanently joins two pieces of iron, or a piece of iron and a piece of steel, by heating them nearly to a white heat and hammering them together.

Hephaestus (Latin: Vulcan) was the blacksmith of the gods in Greek and Roman mythology. A supremely skilled artisan whose forge was a volcano, he constructed most of the weapons of the gods, and was himself the god of fire and metalworking.

Most designs used today were conceived hundreds of years ago by some of the world's most famous architects and designers working for the aristocracies and the well-to-do of their period. Many of these architects and designers are as well known as Leonardo da Vinci (renaissance architecture) or Michelangelo (baroque architecture), and more recently William Morris, John Ruskin (founders of the Arts and Crafts furniture movement in circa 1800 England), Gustave Stickley (founder of the American Arts and Crafts movement in America circa 1900), Frank Lloyd Wright, and Charles and Henry Greene to name a few.

An established foundation created by its predecessors, is the strength of every successful creative enterprise. All creative people are dependent upon the groundwork laid down by those who came before them. H. J. Nick, artist and direct descendant of the Marbella brothers, and Scottsdale Art Factory have built on these foundations and have raised the bar of quality even higher, thus setting a new standard and offering the finest, one-of-a-kind, handmade furnishings found anywhere in the world in the 21st century.

Today the master craftsmen at Scottsdale Art Factory build all our products using the identical methods and materials of the historical period of each furnishing's design concept. Whether we build products for your modern dream home or ancient castle, all 21st century designs are built by our master craftsmen using these classic traditional methods. Every element of our custom handcrafted fine art furnishings are always built to future collectable, antiquity investment quality, standards and will stand the test of time. Our custom designed furniture and furnishings are destined to become a part of your family's appreciating financial net worth as well as a proud to own legacy heirloom.

We Are A "One Stop Shop" for all your Custom Furnishings
Many of our clients commission furniture for every room, doors, gates, built-in cabinets, lighting and hardware for their entire project. For example, we are capable of starting with your entrance door design style, or personalized carved coat of arms, family crest or business logo, and bring this design element - in a tasteful and elegant way - into your interior and exterior lighting fixtures, interior doors, cabinets, tables, structural elements, entrance gates or furnishings for every room - making your home a unique piece of your family's tradition and legacy.

Many of the world's finest builders, architects, and interior designers as well as businesses and homeowners choose Scottsdale Art Factory for their custom furniture and furnishings due to our large flexible American workforce, and our ability to manufacture our products to coincide with construction deadlines. Note: We do not import prefab materials or outsource production, which allows us total control of our supreme quality craftsmanship, and the ability to exceed our client's production requirements. We also have in stock Americas largest supply of real wrought iron raw material.

Custom Lighting from Scottsdale Art Factory

Custom Lighting, Chandeliers, Sconces

Main Structure: Hand forged, hammer struck to shape using a variety of solid wrought iron materials. Main wire traces vary from 1/4" to 3/4" heavy wall structural iron depending on the quantity of luminaries. For chandeliers, the main wire hide cap and mount is hand forged iron with chain through that allows for 900 pound test chain to mount directly to your structural beam. The wire hide is designed to mount to any standard electrical light receptacle and includes two decorative mounting screws. This type of cap also allows for the use of a (customer supplied) chandelier remote winch that allows you to remotely raise and lower your chandelier for service and maintenance. All wall mount sconces and post mount lights will mount to any standard electrical receptacle.

Light Sockets: You may request standard medium base sockets or candelabra sockets for most applications. Ask your representative for details. These socket sizes allow for a wide variety of long life, energy efficient bulbs.

Patina Finishes: Various colors of hand applied iron oxide patinas are available. Our beautiful patina finishes are hand applied, using a special patented process where oxides are bonded into the metal at over 1000 degrees. This permanent finish beautifies with age. Scottsdale Art Factory does not paint or faux finish any of our iron creations. Paint fades, chips and cracks over time and patinas last forever. No drop forged cast copies, and no paint or powder coated finishes are used on our products. Every surface of this furnishing is finely finished including the undersides and hidden areas.

Order any style, size, and design custom lighting. Choose from one of our designer lights, chandeliers, or sconces or design your own and have our master craftsmen hand build your dream lights. We hand craft all indoor and outdoor lighting from all natural materials, built to world class fine art standards.

Custom Hardware - Door Handles, Hinges, Latches, Grills and More

custom hardware and door handles

Door Pull: Order any size with or without a backplate. The custom door pull structure is hand forged, hammer struck to shape, using heavy gauge iron boiler plate and solid wrought iron square and round bar and rod. The backplate is pre-drilled to mount to your door. Back helps keep your dead bolt lock secure from both sides.

Patina Finishes: We offer a variety of colors for hand applied iron oxide patina finishes. Hand applied, using a special patented process where oxides are bonded into the metal at over 1000 degrees, our iron patina finishes create beautiful works of art. Every surface is finished, including any hidden areas and the undersides. You may choose from many natural iron oxide colors, and all our patina finishes are water based and earth friendly. Each item is finished to be virtually maintenance free and to age with grace to stand the test of time.

All door pulls are sized to fit your particular door. Choose from hundreds of hardware designs. All styles of handles are hand forged and anvil hammered from solid wrought iron. All joints are hammer blended out of sight, as though each creation simply grew naturally into its form and shape. We never offer cast copies of the real artistic hardware (also known as drop forged).

Order Any Iron Design, Built To Your Specifications

Metalwork by Master Blacksmiths at Scottsdale Art Factory

All iron is coal fired and hammered by master blacksmiths - The Old Fashioned Way - and patina finished. At Scottsdale Art Factory, we take pride in our traditional, superior quality workmanship and craft our products from only the finest iron. Our master blacksmiths have been classically trained, and utilize old-world techniques such as coal firing, anvil hammering, and hand forging to create the finest handcrafted hardware available anywhere. All of our iron work is hand patina finished by heat applying iron oxides to achieve a natural patina finish that will stand the test of time. Learn more about our master blacksmiths and the kind of hand forged metalwork you can expect when you order from Scottsdale Art Factory.