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Door Sweeps

Shown here is a mechanical door sweep on a 4 inch thick door edge, in the up "Door Open" position. This photo shows the pressure adjustable bar screw end. Turning this screw, right or left, will allow you to set the amount of seal pressure that gets applied to your threshold when your door is in the closed position. Simply turn screw right to extend or lengthen the rod end to allow this rod to hit the striker plate installed on the inside jamb. This pressure allows for a perfect seal to your threshold every time ensuring no unwanted pest or elements enter from under your door seal.

Scottsdale Art Factory has this special heavy duty adjustable pressure mechanical door sweep produced by one of the world's top manufacturers, specifically for our solid wood doors. These sweeps are built with the ability to fit doors that are 3" - 12" thick. This mechanical door sweep replaces the old fashioned and obsolete rubber drag sweep. An added benefit is it leaves your rug in place when opening and closing your new custom door.

Mechanical Door Sweep

mechanical door sweep

Shown above, the mechanical door sweep in the down "Door Closed" position. When the door is closed, using pressure this mechanism pushes the rubber seal down to meet your fixed threshold to form a tight seal. Unlike the old rubber drag sweep that squeezes under your door, bends and warps over time, and no longer provides a complete seal, the mechanical door sweep used on our custom doors ensures a perfect seal every time. The illustration below shows the mechanical door sweep and threshold formed seal.

Custom Door Hardware

This door hardware should not be confused with ordinary hardware found on most production or semi-custom doors. The hardware provided by Scottsdale Art Factory has been specifically chosen to accommodate our ultimate custom doors and gates. Learn more about our custom doors. Contact us with any questions about hardware for your custom door or gate, call 1-800-292-0008.

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