Man Caves - Collector Displays

Order your dream Man Cave Petroliana display from Scottsdale Art Factory. We are the Authority by consumer and professional choice in this space and have set the standard for collectors world wide. We offer historically correct, pre-built in sections, Man Cave and showroom displays built to your specifications complete with hand carved doors and lighting. Below are photos from our fine art furnishings showroom. These designs were inspired from a old Route 66 gas station photos where in house artist H J Nick gased-up his old jalopy in the 60s. (View the inspiration photo the Man Cave display was designed from in the pages image gallery.)

All displays or prefab building sets can be custom designed from your imagination, your nostalgic memories, old photos, etc. and then built to the highest building code standards and authenticity. Exterior prefabs are structural buildings built to your code requirements, delivered in easy to handle sections, and can be erected by any local contractor.

These prefab walls can be shipped to you in easy to erect, do-it-yourself sections, complete with wiring and authentic collectable signs and other collectable items. Let our design imagineers replicate your favorite retro spot or hang-out from days gone by for your personal Man Cave or showroom. We can make your favorite location a reality in every detail. These are also available as store fronts, kiosk, and mobile displays.

Genuine World Class Custom Pre-Fab Collector Displays For Sale

Visit Our Large 20s Texaco Gas Station Display At Our Scottsdale Showroom