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Industrial Iron And Wood Dining Table Customer Furnished Design From Historic Industrial Revolution

Industrial Design Fine Dining Table We Believe Celebrates The American Industrial Revolution From The Mid 19th Century

It is our belief In many ways, this redesigned to original craft Industrial Style Dining Table is a celebration of the great American Industrial Revolution. It serves as a tribute to the hard working souls of poorly paid immigrant laborers working in factories for long hours with no recognition for their huge contribution to America's economic independence and the fruitful, opulent lifestyles of the rich industrialists of the day. Now these visionary capitalists, and the hard work of the common man, tell the story of America's emergence into the great 20th century.

These handmade dining tables and custom furnishings tell the story of the great American melting-pot society and the American Dream reflected by the direct descendants of their hard working forefathers. First and second generation descendants of poor immigrants that toiled in factories have now become the educated and affluent, and are investing in themselves in tribute of their fathers, mothers, grandparents that took a risk. These historic designs commemorate their hard work and risk of coming to America to become part of the great American Dream that was passed to them. Thus keeping the American Dream very much alive today.

This custom dining table was handcrafted to resemble a heavy industrial work table. We believe from our research that this design and many just like it were originally designed by bridge builders due to the heavy steel trusses and riveted design, the bridge beam construction used in the huge fabricating table was designed to accept heavy loads and was adjustable to allow workers to alter the table height to the proper work level. This fabrication table has now been redesigned by artist H. J. Nick and his design team to be used as a fine dining table worthy of any person's lifestyle from ordinary to royalty.

For more information on the Industrial Revolution and its inspiration, go to our Industrial Revolution Furniture page.

This handcrafted custom dining room table features a solid 4-inch thick rectangular tabletop on a custom designed wrought iron pedestal. Dining table as shown seats sixteen and is finished in a red mahogany color stain with a 10 process hand rubbed finish. This dining room table can be custom ordered in any size and seating number and any color finish; we have over 400 colors to choose from or we can computer color match. Contact one of our design engineers to discuss your dining room furniture needs at 1-800-292-0008.

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Scottsdale Art Factory, an American manufacturer of handmade dining tables, custom furniture, wood doors, gates, and designer furnishings based in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Designs by H.J. Nick, have been designing and building some of the world's finest furnishings all hand crafted in America since 1913. Most of our clients want a furnishing that has a big WOW factor and timeless elegance. They all want investment value furnishings that make a proper statement reflecting their personality, or the personality of the environment for which the designer custom furnishings are intended. Our master level craftsmanship ensures your custom wrought iron gates and furnishings will stand the test of time, and are Guaranteed Forever, backed by over a century of fine craftsmanship.

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