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Vintage Gas Sign for Indian Gasoline

An original Indian Gasoline sign, from the early 1940s for an old gas pump advertisement from Texaco gas stations. The genuine gas sign is single sided porcelain sign on a green and blue background, with the red, white, yellow, and black art deco Indian beadwork design along the top half and "Indian Gasoline" along the bottom.

Condition - Original, as is, see photos - not restored, and not a reproduction
Dimensions - 18"T x 12"W

Rare Americana old sign for Indian gas manufactured by the Indian Refining Company 1904-1931, owned by Texaco since 1931 and continued until 1943 as a low-grade gas line of products.

This Texaco Indian Gasoline gas pump sign features a porcelain rectangle sign, with a green area over a dark blue. A red, white, yellow, and black art deco Indian beadwork design on the upper green area, and the wording "INDIAN" in white over the wording "Gasoline" in green on the lower blue area. The gas pump advertisement sign features six grommet holes for attachment to the gas pumps, two each on top, bottom, and sides. This authentic vintage gas advertising sign for Indian Gasoline has not been restored, and is sold in original, as-is condition from Scottsdale Art Factory. For antique signs, old gas pumps, and vintage Americana contact us at 1-800-292-0008.

All vintage memorabilia offered is a genuine collectable and appreciable assets, not a fake reproduction. All items are fine collectable art at the highest world class collector level.

Gas Advertising Sign Specifications:

  • Type: Porcelain Sign
  • Company: Texaco / Indian Refining Company
  • Product: Indian Gasoline
  • Era: 1940-1942
  • Color: Green, blue, red, white, yellow, and black
  • Dimensions: 18" tall x 12" wide
  • Condition: Original, as-is, see photos for details

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Indian Refining Company - Gas Company History

In November of 1904 Richmond M. Levering, a 23-year-old Indiana native, incorporates the Indian Asphalt Company. The plant is located in Asphaltum, Indiana. That same year the Havemeyer Oil Company (1901-1909) of Yonkers, New York, founded by John F. Hevemeyer, coins the name "HAVOLINE" for their unique cold-filtration process of blended oils. In 1906 Indian Asphalt Company changes their name to Indian Refining Company, and expands their oil business into a refinery and a product line to include "Blue Grass" branded axle grease. The following year construction of the refinery in Lawrenceville, Illinois is completed and begins operation. In 1909 the Havoline Oil Company, and their established Havoline brand, are bought out by Indian Refining Company and the HAVOLINE name becomes their registered trademark. The refinery business continued to grow and expand into gasoline distributions and gas stations throughout the country.

Indian Gasoline Pump Globe Logo Designs

Their logo featured a "running Indian" design. In 1922 the Indian gas pumps were redesigned with white globe featuring a red ball graphic, with the wording "INDIAN" arched above in dark blue lettering, and "GAS" arched below the ball also in blue. The Havoline signage includes the wording "HAVOLINE" printed vertically on each side in dark blue letters. In 1925 the Indian Gas and Havoline logos are again redesigned to include the red, white and blue ball in an attempt to more clearly associate the two brands. In addition to the "ball" color change, a "dot" is added above the second "I" and in the middle of the "D" in the word "INDIAN", similar to the "dot" in the word "HAVOLINE" above the "I" and within the "O".

Indian and Havoline Old Sign Logos

Although the Havoline product line continued to do well nationwide and internationally, the Depression created much difficulties for the Indian Refining Company in obtaining crude oil. The company responded by restricting its once over 25 states retail gas stations to five states, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Kentucky, and Ohio. In January 1931 the Texas Corporation (Texaco) buys controlling interest in the Indian Refining Company to obtain rights to the Havoline product line. From 1931 to March 1943 Indian Refining Company operates their gas stations as an affiliate of the Texaco but their stores and equipment are all re-branded as Texaco stations.

The name "INDIAN" is reduced to a low-grade gasoline brand at the new re-branded Texaco gas stations, with gas pumps bearing the rectangle or circle plate featuring the Indian beadwork Art Deco geometric design. By March 1943 Texaco discontinues the Indian grade gas and the use of the word "INDIAN" ceases. The following month, Texaco liquidates the Indian Refining Company.


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