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We’ve been crafting the world's finest American made custom wrought iron lighting since 1913. Hand forged by real blacksmiths, our Medieval Lantern Custom Iron Lighting is inspired by old world design and crafted for your specific needs. This custom decorative lighting features LED lights and wrought iron hardware that is made using hammer and anvil. We guarantee our custom wrought iron lighting will last forever.

American Custom Lighting that Never Erodes or Corrodes

Created to resemble medieval lighting, this custom decorative lighting brings the permanence of hand forged iron to a traditional modern pendant light. We create all of our wrought iron lighting in our own American factories where our blacksmiths hammer and shape every part by hand. All the color is created using patina, where we hand brush iron oxides onto the metal, which are then cured at over 1000° to create a permanent finish that will never erode or corrode. All custom hardware will only continue to beautify with age. This custom iron lighting is also UL listed and features an LED candelabra light.

Custom Interior Lighting that Lasts a Lifetime

We make all of our custom lighting so it will become a cherished family heirloom. Choose from any style and finish to make it uniquely your own.

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Features of our custom wrought iron lighting:

Design your dream lighting today (no extra cost). If you find something you like, just show us a picture and we’ll help you create it! You can find a wide variety of lighting designs and chandeliers on Houzz, and we can make any one you like.

Fine Art Blacksmithing Is Not Welding

We custom build all of our items from scratch the old fashioned way - with wrought iron and man power. Our master blacksmiths heat, hammer, and shape all metal parts and heat apply patinas to preserve your chandelier indefinitely. H.J. Nick and Scottsdale Art factory have been designing and manufacturing some of the world’s finest furnishings - a tradition carried on since 1913.

We hand make all of our metal products (solid iron, brass, copper, gold, and silver) in the same hand and materials used since ancient times. Investment quality equals an appreciable asset furnishing, destined for antiquity.

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