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The Beauty of Nature Captured in Wrought Iron
Custom Door Hardware at It's Best

Imagine owning an exquisite custom door knocker that never needs replacing. Our team of skilled blacksmiths craft products built for the long run, and our inspiring wrought iron grapevine door knockers are no exception. All custom door hardware is finished with a heat patina that guarantees the metal will never rust. And if you’re looking for real American-made products, we craft everything in our own factory in Scottsdale, AZ.

A Unique Door Knocker for Your Unique Home

Ripening grapes

Grapes have been important crops throughout history. Over 70 thousand square kilometers today are dedicated to growing grapes.

We designed our door knocker from the natural beauty of the grapevine. A small cluster of grapes rests at the center of sturdy vines, shaded by meticulously crafted leaves. Our blacksmiths created this Custom Door Hardware by hand, so you know you’re getting a genuine work of art.

Hand Forged Door Hardware with Minimal Maintenance

Each door knocker is heat patinated and will never rust - simply install it on your interior or exterior door and admire the look and feel. Choose any style, size, and patina to customize your custom door hardware any way you like. We stand by our work and everything we craft is guaranteed to last forever.

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