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The Greek Orthodox Flower Of Life Chandelier - New Redesign By H J Nick Using LED Technology And Old World Fine Art Blacksmithing

This elegant, downlight chandelier is inspired by the classic proportions and philosophies of ancient Greece. Hand forged with wrought iron, our chandelier will add an intimate, warm glow to any home space.

A Wrought Iron Chandelier with Elegance and Grace Since ancient times, humans have utilized a variety of objects and forms to carry and cast light on their surroundings. Chandeliers were developed and gained popularity during medieval times to carry several candles from room to room. Because of the high cost to produce a chandelier at the time, they were reserved for nobility, clergy, and merchants, making them a symbol of luxury and status.

Inspired by the Masters

Our Greek Inspired Flower of Life Chandelier reflects the beauty of proportion and geometry. Greece is home to the first advanced civilization in Europe and is considered the birthplace of Western culture. Philosophers like Plato and mathematicians like Euclid created the foundations of thought, math, and science that subsequent western cultures would continue to pursue for thousands of years.

The concentric design of this chandelier is also a variation of the classical “Flower of Life” found in Greek mathematical theories. The perfect harmony and form of the flower of life has been studied and expanded upon by artists and philosophers around the world and can be found in many manuscripts and ancient temples.

The ancient Greeks valued the beauty inherent in simple, elegant design. We’ve captured the tasteful balance of symmetry in our Greek inspired chandelier and are delighted to help you bring a beautiful, old world aesthetic into your home.

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