Chandelier Copper And Wrought Iron French Renaissance - LC0913

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Add A Touch Of Renaissance Style To Any Space In Your Home

Our Custom Renaissance chandelier is hand forged In Solid wrought iron And Genuine Copper. Hand Forged by the hands of our master blacksmiths, trained in the old world technique. We never use any short cuts, glues or castings or any fast processes.

Our Blacksmiths Hand Forge Each Wrought Iron Or Copper Element Using Anvil & Hammer. All our metal products are finished using heat and natural oxides to hand patina which allows the color of the handmade chandelier to stand the test of time.

Our inspiration for our copper and iron custom made chandelier comes from the imagination of H.J Nick and passion for history. Handmade iron leaf designs and rivets giving a Renaissance feel you can add to any room in your home. Decorative wrought iron hanging and loop bars that produce a one of a kind chandelier. Renaissance Castles of that time were known for having long and luxurious chandelier lighting in each of the rooms of the Castle.

Renaissance Castle - Frederiksborg in North Zealand, Denmark

All Of Our Chandeliers Are Custom Made As One Of A Kind Only And Are Never Mass Produced

If you depend on purchasing quality products for your home that will last forever, order from us at We hand make each item individually and take our time with each piece to ensure you receive what you are expecting. You will never receive anything other then the best and designed to your standards and above.

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