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Wood Double Doors Hand Carved

Hand carved from 4-inch thick solid wood, this double door entrance features a latticework pattern design with a cathedral arch top. Carved by the hands of master woodworkers the reverse side features a chiseled design on the lattice pattern with a wash stain to resemble old world metal bracket castle doors. The custom door pull is a Renaissance inspired design hand crafted from solid wrought iron featuring a serpent design. The serpent design is continued on the door stationary slide bolts, also custom made by our master blacksmiths using hand forge, anvil hammered techniques. We hand build all our wood doors custom crafted in any size and theme from solid wood carved by the hands of our American craftsmen using air dried, solid full length wood. Our master blacksmiths can hand tool custom door hardware and accents to match your designer wood door using solid hand forged iron. Call to request your double door entrance designed and built in the USA from master craftsman at Scottsdale Art Factory 1-800-292-0008.

All our wood entrance doors have been artisan designed by artist H.J. Nick and custom built by some of the world's finest master millwrights and metalsmiths. We offer only the finest, investment quality doors that have been handmade in the USA to your precise specifications. We work directly with builders, designers or you, the customer, to build your custom door the way you envisioned it. At Scottsdale Art Factory we specialize in making your dream entrance a reality.

Built the old fashioned way
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Entrance Doors Customization Options:

  • Size - any size door, shape, structural jamb
  • Style - wood, design, hand carvings, decorative accents
  • Panels - windows, grills, door straps, inlays, clavos, sidelights
  • Glass - stained, thermal, energy efficient, decorative, protective
  • Hardware - hand forged wrought iron handles, latches, hinges, grills
  • Finishes - over 400 colors of hand applied stains and finishes
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Custom Wood Doors feature:

Doors Hand Carved by Scottsdale Art Factory

Scottsdale Art Factory, a handmade entrance door, gate, and furniture manufacturer based in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Designs by H.J. Nick, have been designing and building some of the world's finest furnishings all hand crafted in America since 1913. Most of our clients want a furnishing that has a big WOW factor and timeless elegance. They all want investment value furnishings that makes a proper statement reflecting their personality, or the personality of the environment for which the designer custom furnishings are intended.

Entrance Door Historical Inspiration and Design Originals

This double entrance door was inspired by a 16th-century church door stylized in Gothic architecture featuring a pointed arch entrance door made from solid wood in a latticework pattern design. This grand facade makes a big impression as is is intended on all those who enter. Because the pointed arch on this entrance carved door points upwards, it make people look upwards, which is the purpose of Gothic architecture. The inspirational church door had more of a pronounced pointed arch. This custom wood door features a Depressed arch, making the entrance door wider and the arch appears almost flat. This type of arch is also referred to as Perpendicular Gothic style as seen in the famous Bath Abbey.

Arched Church Door, Gothic Architecture Inspiration

The solid wood door entrance features a carved criss-cross lattice pattern design. Latticework refers to a type of framework consisting of a criss-cross pattern of building material strips, typically wood or metal. The design is created by crossing the strips to form a network, and can be purely ornamental, or used as a truss structure. The earliest known door designed in this pattern is found on the 12-century latticework door of Chepstow Castle. Dating from 1190CE or earlier, this is the oldest known castle door in Europe and the oldest use of mortise and tenon joinery in Britian. Latticework is a framework consisting of a pattern of criss-crossed strips of materials, such as wood or metal.

Located in Chepstow, Monmouthshire in Wales, Chepstow Castle sits atop cliffs overlooking the River Wye. The Chepstow Castle is the oldest surviving post-Roman stone fortress in Britian. It is the southermost castle in a chain of castles built along the English-Welsh border in the Welsh Marches.

The Earl of Hereford, Norman Lord William fitzOsbern began its construction in 1067 and features four baileys added throughout its history. Originally named Striguil, a Norman name derived from the word meaning "river bend" in Welsh it later became known as the Chepstow after the late 14th-century.

Martin's Tower of Chepstow Castle, Wales


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